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one employee at a time

About Us

Our Mission

Employer Resource Networks (ERNs®) assist private companies in supporting working families to gain self-sufficiency while driving business growth. ERN USA transforms companies one employee at a time through its onsite Success Coaching model, the support and growth of existing ERNs®, the development of new networks, peer learning across all partners, and evaluation to demonstrate high impact for employees, employers, government and communities.

The ERN® model is an innovative approach to workforce development that was initiated in West Michigan in 2007. As of May 2024, ERN USA has grown to 26 ERNs in the 8 states of Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, New York, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Tennessee with an average employer ROI of 937% (2022 ERN USA KPI Report). The ERN USA network has 22 area network administrators, 31 Success Coaches, and 147 employers. Additional ERNs are in the Exploratory or Development phases in 11 states including Indiana, California, Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Texas. If you are interested in starting or joining an ERN, please contact us.

We invite other regions seeking innovative ways to blend the efforts of business and social service to learn more about how to launch an ERN® in their own communities.

ERN USA Network Benefits

ERN USA partners with Lead Organizations who assist in new ERN® start-ups. These new ERNs® become licensed members of ERN USA with benefits that include:

  • ERN® Data Solutions for metrics tracking that helps determine individual ERN and national network impact 

  • National ERN® conferences for best practice sharing and development

  • Quarterly national Peer Learning Calls for both administrators and success coaches

The ERN USA trademark is our “Good Housekeeping Seal.” It lets other organizations know that a member belongs to the ERN USA Network, and has:

  • Completed the 5 Phase ERN Collaborative Development Process
  • Follows an employer-led model that is uniform across all ERNs nationally
  • Shares an onsite Success Coach
  • Uses the data and process driven ERN USA Data Solutions CMS
  • Participates in ERN USA Peer Learning events

National Organization Leaders

National Lead; Michigan State Co-Lead Chief Disruptive Officer; President ERN USA; Michigan ERN

  Email     877-625-9564

Senior National Advisor, ERN USA
Director of Operations, ERN USA

  Email     877-255-7682

Engagement Specialist, ERN USA

  Email     419-967-7139

Southwest Michigan ERN Director; Michigan State Co-Lead Southwest Michigan ERN; Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
Indiana State Lead, Indiana ERN
Ohio State Co-Lead, Ohio ERN

  Email     419-283-5485

Ohio State Co-Lead, Ohio ERN

  Email     740-223-2999

New York State Lead, New York ERN

  Email     585-340-2009

Kentucky State Senior Advisor, ERN USA