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KPI Study Shows Impact of Employer Resource Networks®

June 13, 2024

ERN USA’s Employer Resource Network®(ERN®) Annual KPI Report shows that member companies who provide an ERN Success Coach at the workplace experience an average of 1394% return on investment with the goal of stabilizing households and growing businesses for vibrant communities.

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Employer Resource Networks® are private-public consortia whose purpose is improved workforce retention through employee support and training

The key ERN® innovations are:

  • business engagement
  • cross-sector collaboration among employers
  • human services and educators
  • workplace-based employee success coaching (case management)
  • real-time referrals to community resources

ERN® stakeholders include:

  • small to mid-sized companies
  • public human services and workforce development
  • private non-profits
  • community colleges and vocational training organizations
  • local, regional and national foundations and United Ways

ERNs® improve communities in a variety of ways:

  • employers retain an engaged and skilled workforce
  • public agencies and nonprofits get better outcomes from programs that advance economic independence
  • community colleges add students and build closer ties to area businesses

ERNs® are a value proposition to all stakeholders. Their outcomes include:

  • employee retention rates of 90%-98%
  • average employer ROI of 500% 
  • increased employee engagement
  • improved company culture
  • informal regional human resource networks
  • decreased employee reliance on public assistance
  • increased family financial stability

ERN® Programs help employees access social service and training programs that support employment.

ERNs® partner with local government, non-profits and private employers to offer the best resources available

ERNs® network with other Employer Resource Networks® (ERNs) across the country who share best practices and ideas.

The Success Coach can confidentially help employees:

  • improve employment skills
  • overcome personal barriers
  • prepare for advancement opportunities

ERNs® coordinate with community organizations to offer training opportunities such as:

  • Basic computer skills
  • Computer applications
  • Financial management and budgeting
  • Diversity education
  • Credit repair and foreclosure prevention
  • Affordable family nutrition
  • English as a second language (ESL)
  • Leadership and problem solving
  • Math proficiency
  • GED classes
  • Health and wellness
  • Free income tax preparation