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  State Networks

  National Organization Leaders

  • James M Vander Hulst

    James M Vander Hulst

    National Lead; Michigan State Co-Lead

    Chief Disruptive Officer; President

    ERN USA; Michigan ERN

      Email     877-625-9564

  • Beth Kuhn

    Beth Kuhn

    Senior National Advisor


  • Angela Vander Hulst

    Angela Vander Hulst

    Director of Operations


      Email     877-255-7682

  • Kelli Adams

    Kelli Adams

    SWM ERN Director; Michigan State Co-Lead

    Southwest Michigan ERN; Upjohn Institute for Employment Research

      Email     269-385-0404

  • LeRoy King

    LeRoy King

    Indiana State Lead

    Indiana ERN

      Email     574-514-8314

  • Emily Hickman

    Emily Hickman

    Kentucky State Lead

    Kentucky ERN

      Email     606-438-6441

  • Stephen MacDonald

    Stephen MacDonald

    Ohio State Co-Lead

    Ohio ERN

      Email     419-283-5485

  • Natalie Longmeier

    Natalie Longmeier

    Ohio State Co-Lead

    Ohio ERN

      Email     740-223-2999

  • Marianne Durrant

    Marianne Durrant

    New York State Lead

    New York ERN

      Email     585-340-2009

  • Amanda Maness

    Amanda Maness

    Tennessee State Lead

    Tennessee MSERN

      Email     901-870-3631