Start You ERN

Is Your Community Ready? Consider these questions…

  • What would the barriers be to establishing an ERN in your community?
  • What are the assets your community would leverage to establish an ERN?
  • Would the ERN USA Model for Employer Resource Networks® be something your community would support?
  • Where do these issues “rate” in your community? Are they a priority? Do they current receive funding and support?
  • Are they covered in local media and discussed in political arenas?
  • To what degree are personal and family challenges contributing to job turnover among low-wage and entry-level workers in your community?
  • Is employee retention an issue with small to mid-sized businesses in your community?

Tools We Use

  • Locator Tool: In partnership with the University of Michigan, Stephen M Ross Business School we developed a tool designed to help communities assess their capacity and readiness for an ERN. ERN USA can guide communities interested in starting their own ERN through this process.
  • Outreach Materials: Our team offers members their own webpage alongside other ERNs to inform and engage community partners.  We also electronically deliver a monthly newsletter, Success Coach business card and poster, brochure, and schedule sign for maximum employee reach.
  • Customized CMS: Our customized CMS platform provides case management, program metrics and reporting capabilities that will demonstrate achievments in employee utlization as well as return on investment for employers.

Please Contact Us if you are interested in starting an ERN in your community.