Transforming companies & communities
one employee at a time

The Model

Why the ERN Model Works

Employer Resource Networks® ‚Äč(ERNs®) pull together job retention services, work supports, education and training. While the focus is on entry-level and low wage employees, the services are available to all who work for ERN member companies

How We Do It

The Employer Resource Networks under this registered trademark are licensed with ERN USA and operate under the same employer-driven model. They also use our customized CMS platform that provides case management, program metrics, and reporting capabilities

We work with leaders and apply the principles of disruptive innovation to create lasting change. Employer Resource Networks are employer-based, with the Employer as an investor, not a just customer. Networks usually include six to ten small-to mid-sized companies interested in forming a network to create economies of scale in accessing resources that benefit employees and by extension their own bottom lines.

We catalyze the development of community-wide social capital both within and across sectors, professions, organizations and individuals. We work with leaders and apply the principles of disruptive innovation to create lasting change.

Because member employees may be receiving or eligible for public assistance, ERNs also include strong partnerships with community service providers such as social service agencies, workforce development groups, chambers of commerce and economic development groups and community and technical colleges or other training institutions.

Our Work Helps

Workers gain economic self-sufficiency for themselves and their families. Employers retain an engaged and skilled workforce. Public agencies and nonprofits get better outcomes from programs that advance economic independence. Community colleges add students and build closer ties to area businesses.


The Employer Resource Network model has grown to over 30 Area Networks and 20 Lead Organizations in 12 states. ERNs are led by over 200 employers working with nearly 40 Success Coaches.


Employers benefit from ERNs when job turnover rates and the cost of skill building and training decrease and productivity increases. ERN member businesses average a 500% return on their investment following the initial startup period.

When entry-level wages are insufficient or there are barriers to consistent and successful job performance, employees get help accessing public benefits, ongoing skills training and counseling to overcome challenges to a successful and productive life.

Community Colleges, public agencies and nonprofit organizations benefit from the ERN when local businesses appreciate and support the services they offer. They also grow the population of people they serve due to ERN participants, which may result in additional grant funding.