About Us

Our Mission

ERN-USA transforms companies one employee at a time through the support and growth of existing employer resource networks, the development of new networks, peer learning across all partners, and in-depth evaluation to demonstrate high impact for employees, employers, government and communities.

Our Progress

The Employer Resource Network® (ERN) model is an innovative approach to workforce development that was initiated in West Michigan in 2008.  Since then, ERNs have grown to 20 Area Networks and 9 Lead Organizations in Michigan, New York, Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana.  The ERN-USA network currently consists of more than 60 Strategic Partners, 130 Employers and 30 Success Coaches.  Other regions seeking innovative ways to blend the efforts of business, social service and workforce development agencies are expressing interest in learning more about how to launch an ERN in their own communities.

ERN-USA Network Benefits

ERN-USA and DISC partner with Leading Organizations who assist in new ERN start-ups. These new ERNs become licensed members of ERN-USA with benefits options that include:

  • Customizable SalesForce platform for ERN communication and data input with metrics and reporting capabilities that will demonstrate the impact you are achieving in employee involvement, as well as return on investment for employers

  • Outreach materials such as Success Coach business cards, posters, flyers, newsletters, brochures and ERN webpage

  • Participation in the National Learning Community

  • Participation in monthly peer Coaches’ Calls

  • ERN-USA involvement in educating, relationship building and best practice refinement with key local, state and federal government departments and legislatures

  National Organization Leaders

James M Vander Hulst

James M Vander Hulst

National and Michigan State Lead

Chief Disruptive Officer

Disruptive Innovations for Social Change

  Email     877-625-9564

Heidi Jones

Heidi Jones

Marion Matters

  Email     740-223-2999

Nathan Mandsager

Nathan Mandsager

New York State Lead


Schenectady Works | City Mission

  Email     518-723-0799

Karen Oates

Karen Oates


La Casa de Esperanza

  Email     262-832-1536

LeRoy King

LeRoy King


St. Joseph County Bridges Out of Poverty

  Email     574-246-0533